facebookStrategies to conquering Facebook:


  1. Don’t get trapped in the vicious cycle. We have all posted our pictures, opinions, or other funny jokes or memes just to attract other people’s likes or attention. It is totally understandable and it is absolutely normal to feel that way. Whether it is “likes” or flattering comments, we are subconsciously waiting for a response from people whenever we post something on Facebook. Because we have initiated the conversation with “everybody”–which is actually initiating our conversation with nobody–we end up checking our Facebook account over and over again only to find that nobody leaves us a comment in the end. Eventually, we try even harder to polish our words and pictures to grab people’s attention. It is a vicious cycle.

  2. Remember that the standards aren’t always truthful. The“likes” that we get tell us what is acceptable or not acceptable by other people’s standards.It puts us down when our selfies don’t get enough likes, which makes us feel unaccepted. To use Facebook wisely, we have to know that we have a tendency to conform into the values of the unknown. Don’t buy into lies. All that glitters is not gold.

  3. If you are lonely or bored, don’t go on Facebook. The idea of being with “everybody” whenever we want to and wherever we are makes us log into Facebook when we are lonely. Facebook is a terrible place to seek for an emotional support. It is different when we get support offline. Communicating with body language, intonation, warmth, expression—there is so much that we miss out when we are only chatting on Facebook. The more love you crave from Facebook, the more void you create in your soul. Instead of meeting people face to face, people are being isolated in a room with a laptop and themselves “talking to tons of people.”

  4. Only post things on a group page or in public when you are looking for something necessary e.g. Information on bicycle repair shops, textbook exchanges etc. Messaging your friends privately instead of sending messages publicly can keep you away from expectations and judgments from other people.

  5. Do not scroll through your timeline when you are bored. Rather, search the people on Facebook searching bar that you are interested in. When you do that, you will not be influenced by the false, foamy feeling of happiness that is portrayed in Facebook that makes you depressed.

  6. Deactivate it unless you need to use Facebook. It feels really good to be free from Facebook.

I hope this helps deal with things in a healthier way.