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Athlete Spotlight: Senior Athlete Farewell 

Stephanie Chin, Women’s Soccer dom76anhycjrsbes
Being a Spartan has challenged me to grow in ways that I never expected, but has also been such a blessing and an amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to play in national championship games and go on mission trips with my team, which not many people have the privilege of doing.  I am so grateful for the girls on my team who have become my family and will be my lifelong friends. Overall, my experience at TWU has challenged me to grow in my faith, leadership, athletics, and academics, but has also blessed me with amazing teammates, coaches, and invaluable memories. Looking back, if I could give first year Steph any advice, it would be to get more involved with the amazing opportunities that TWU has to offer. It is comfortable for athletes to stay within the Spartan bubble, but my advice to athletes out there is to challenge yourselves to step out of your comfort zone and get involved. There are some amazing people within the TWU community. Also, don’t stress too much and enjoy your time at TWU because it goes by way too fast!


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Artist Spotlight: Bailey Snider 

Mars’ Hill: Tell us a bit about your project, “A Testimony in Cloth.” 
Bailey Snider: A Testimony in Cloth is a project that came out of a socially engaged art class I’m in this semester, which pretty much means it is an art project that is focused on working with a community and creating relationships as an art form. I really wanted to work with the women of TWU and hear more about the sexism that they face, because honestly it isn’t something that’s talked about a lot. I wanted to explore the things that women are told to carry with them that make them feel lesser or as though they are unable to be the equals of their male counterparts, and bring it together with my love for embroidery. A few weeks ago, I held an event where women, and men, were invited to come together to talk about sexism and the subtle things that have been said to them and to embroider them on their clothes as a kind of badge of honor.


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Confessions of a homophobe 

In my third year, a student came out as gay rather publicly on campus and I openly expressed my disapproval while sitting in a Robson lounge, making comments like, “I wish they didn’t have to rub my face in it,” “Their identity is supposed to be about so much more than just their sex life,” and “Well, at least those other guys in his dorm know that he’s fantasizing about them.” I’m not certain, but I believe he heard me.



Mindful Sex 

Sex, what some hold as the pinnacle of our love life, the fabric holding together our very being and need for survival, is both elevated and devalued in the light of the modern Christian Perspective.