I love the bottom, not the body part, but the bunk bed part. It reminds me of my forts when I was little. #memories


I don’t do mla, I do apa: ask parent’s assistance.


Why, when I’m submitting declassifieds, is my entered code always incorrect? I’m not a robot and I can read and spell! #letmepublishthem


Fraser Fire Alarms so far…
Sept. 10 (9:30pm), 17 (5pm), 20 (12am), 21 (10:30pm)
Oct. 6 (2:50pm & 4:25pm), 15 (12:36pm), 18 (4:02pm), 20 (7:20pm)
Nov. 7 (2:30am), 10 (2:30am), 15 (4:50pm), 23 (11:10pm)
Dec. 7 (4:20am), 8 (12:58am), 9 (5:25pm), 10 (1:20pm)
Jan. 16 (8:46pm), 17 (3:14pm)
Feb. 10 (5:30pm)
March 5 (9:12am), 6 (10:03pm), 8 (8pm), 18 (4:30pm), 25 (8:50pm)
Let’s keep April at 0.


first year university student? I feel more like a drowning dog.


I think I’m going crazy. taking rels homework to bio class


The kid sitting in front of me in psych is searching “life sized cutout of Danny DeVito” on Amazon.


Blessed today with a rare sighting of the elusive creature Christopher Townsend


Just discovered the turkey and cranberry sandwich at the LC, and it’s a game changer.


When you find out you’re over instead of under on your meal plan….#blessUP


better than twu going phone free would be twu going homework free, that would defs give me time to connect..




What if submitting declassifieds wasn’t private. MarsHill be knowing all our secrets.


^ Hey, Alex Gust. Thanks for submitting a Declassified! – Joey


Idea for Sodexo: An app that TELLS YOU how much money is on your card and how much you can spend each day to stay on budget. I shall suffer the annoyed look of the Sodexo’s workers face when I ask for my receipt… NO MORE


sometimes I look at guys like Aaron Boemer and think… How are you still single???


Does anyone else obsessively look over participants for the courses they’re in next semester to see if anyone FIRE in your classes?


When the professor asks any questions in class and all i can think of is
“Um.. Can we leave?”


When a preview student comes and basically gets all the girls to fall in love with him and i’ve been here three years and still got nothing. What is your secret young one?


I feel bad whenever I observe a new couple and think hm I wonder how long before they’ll break up.


Trinity app idea *Trinder* It is like Tinder, but exclusively for people from Trinity.


Ere spelled backwards is Ere


Alright we all know Nancy is our favorite Lady Sodexo works but who’s our favorite male… Thomas? James? Those are the only names I know….


Look Linda, If you’re going to review Wendy’s burgers, try the legendary JBC next time…ya won’t be disappointed.


While I am not a common attendee of Praise Chapel, hearing the energetic worship songs while I’m changing post-gym always brings a smile to my face. Keep up the amazing work!


The path around the pond is completely flooded so I guess all our relationships will remain undefined for a while


Now that I’ve made it to the end of my undergraduate degree, there’s only one thing left to say: Keara Graham, will you go on a date with me? I want to show you off to my mom… and the world.


I loved it when we had those stories about girl with brown hair in rels, and pumpkin spice lattes…where did they go? Let’s start some new ones


where do the geese go at night? McDonalds?


Loved all the bio 242 stuff in the last declass, you can tell it’s getting to our heads


Everybody, 12:47 am, in front of the caf, I saw the Trinity cat! He/she has white paws!!


Someone, I need a husband to lie on the couch, eat cookie-dough ice cream and watch Buffy.


/r/twu is a thing


looking out the library window and seeing ppl fishing in the pond.#toxicfish


Why is it that no one knows how to use powerpoint? When you’re reading from your slides you’re doing it wrong


To the guy who wears the “make America great again” hat, I disagree with you immensely but do keep wearing it


sun comes out and everyone realizes that other people do in fact live on campus


Marry me Lisa Isaak? Do you even notice guys?


those Northwest girls are wonderful people


Find Eli Schweitzer and ask to feel the crater in his head. SO weird and yet so cool.


Ever notice how Joel Gajdos kind of looks like Flynn Rider from ‘Tangled’? Such a heartthrob.


Ever wanted to take a golf club to a goose’s head? No?  Oh. Carry on then…


Actually liking what you like rather than liking it cause it’s hipster to like something no one else does


Remember when we thought people in their 20’s were adults? Hahaha (help me).


Is it me or does Cal’s Army seem to be getting larger?




If you were offended but the Mars’ Hill didn’t report it were you really offended?


Ah, yes, Spring. That time of year when the sun comes out and the Trinity students start nesting in the trees.


There’s nothing I want to see more than a Tyson Ediger playoff beard. #bombersplayoffs