It’s time once again for TWUSA elections! Before making a decision, take a look at the list of candidates below and find out a bit more about each of them so that you can make an informed decision. Voting opens on Tuesday, February 14.


TWUSA President

boehmerbetterCandidate: Aaron Boehmer

Running for: TWUSA President

What is your vision for this position? As President of TWUSA, my vision is to become a source of reliability and trust to the student body. From my experiences in life, I have come to know how valuable Trinity Western University is. As such, it has become a place that I want to pour my all into – seeking to bring excellence and joy to this incredible school. I want to see the community be united, overcoming our problems together. Several key ways I see this happening are through mentorship, restoration and individuality – bringing the uniqueness of every student together under a common goal, which I believe is love.

What will you do to achieve that vision? TWUSA is seen by many as a cliquey place. As such, I would seek to break down pre-existing barriers by asking for another chance – being clear about what TWUSA is doing and how students can get involved. This year’s team has started the “TWUSA Tips”, and I would seek to continue this program and expand it. I also believe that we can grow out of conflict, and so I would engage with conflicts that arise amongst TWU, providing the settings and events where they can be adequately addressed.

Why should students vote for you? I came to TWU in 2013, and in the time-period since then there has been much change amongst the school. Seeing how each incoming class impacts TWU’s culture has been incredible, however, this culture-shift requires a dynamic approach to leading the school. In my work experience cleaning oil spills in the Alberta oil-patch, remaining dynamic was a key part of the job. There are so many ways I could answer this question, yet within all of them I would say my ability to remain humble and dynamic in both peaceful and stressful environments are both reasons to vote for me. 


jm-print-1Candidate: Jared Barkman

Running for: TWUSA President

What is your vision for this position? One of my greatest desires for this role is to cultivate a greater sense of belonging on campus for all students, finding new ways to reach out to demographics that tend to be overlooked. Every student pays the same student fee, and should therefore receive an equal allocation of TWUSA spending, even if this looks different than the conventional model of events and services. I want to see diversity on campus celebrated, where we don’t confuse uniformity for unity.

What will you do to achieve that vision? Recent TWUSA teams have done an exemplary job of perfecting the existing events and services; I want to continue building on this legacy, finding practical ways to engage with the broader community. To start, I hope to improve awareness of the events, services, and clubs existing on campus. It is high time to establish a universal online calendar, and I want this to be implemented as soon as possible. I also hope to strengthen TWUSA’s pillar of advocacy by actively listening to and collecting data from the students, understanding the direction that they want the student government to move in.

Why should students vote for you? This campaign has been a year in the making. Ever since my time serving on TWUSA in my second year, I have spent significant amounts of time thinking about the areas that I would like to see growth in the student government if I had the opportunity to lead the team. I believe that I can offer a combination of managerial competency, political experience, and relational giftedness that will foster strong team leadership while taking into account the perspectives of a broad spectrum of the campus community.


TWUSA Vice President

natwickvpCandidate: Ryan Natwick

Running for: TWUSA Vice President

What is your vision for this position? My vision in the role of VP is to allow TWUSA to function at its best. To do this I would want to excel at performing my duties as a VP to the fullest extent of the role. This means being a doer. The VP is the person who assists the president with anything that they need to be done, they are also the person who knows the ins and outs of all the TWUSA documents, and they run meetings. I desire to do these as best as possible so that TWUSA may function at its fullest potential.

What will you do to achieve that vision? I would spend time over the summer learning the binding documents of TWUSA and gaining an understanding of the ways in which TWUSA can operate to best serve the students. During the year, I would be committed to putting in the time to complete the tasks that need to get done for whatever TWUSA is working on whether that is an event, new policy, or advocating for the people.

Why should students vote for you? I am a person who is committed to loving people and I see this position to show the campus that they are cared for. By voting for me you are enabling me to get things done that benefits and takes care of your needs on campus.


imageCandidate: Matt Greidanus

Running for: TWUSA Vice President

What is your vision for this position? My vision for TWUSA next year consists of a lot of growth. One of the major focuses I have a passion for is ensuring that everyone that attends TWU feels welcome and a part of the community. Another vision I have for TWUSA next year is reshaping the way that TWUSA represents and advocates for TWU students by effectively voicing their issues and concerns. Lastly, as a TWU student that has been very involved with clubs and associations, I have a unique perspective in the way that I desire to make sure that all clubs and associations can promote and be well supported as they create their own events and instill growth.

What will you do to achieve that vision? To achieve these visions it will require a lot of teamwork and good organizational skills. For my first vision of making people feel welcome, rather than trying to force everyone to change in order to feel welcome, I plan on creating an environment where we celebrate the things that make us unique through specialty events where people can express the things that make them who they are. In addition, to be an advocate for the student body is a huge vision I’ve had for a while now and in order to be a good advocate, I must create a healthy atmosphere where any student feels that they can grab coffee with me and voice any concerns they have. I plan on taking these concerns and being a strong advocate as your representative. Finally, a great way for students to feel belonging at TWU is to get involved in clubs and associations on campus. Therefore, I plan on implementing an online universal calendar that will not only provide information on club events but also most activities that take place on campus. I want to increase the overall awareness in these regards.

Why should students vote for you? Students should vote for me because of two main aspects. First of all, I have had a lot of leadership experience that has prepared me to take on a role such as this one. Therefore, I would bring a lot of effective leadership to the TWUSA team and I would use the skills I have acquired from all of these experiences to be a well-rounded leader on TWUSA. Secondly, I have acquired a deep passion for this community and a calling to serve where I am put in a position to have a positive influence on this campus.

VP of Academic Relations

l1010870Candidate: Josh Klassen

Running for: VP of Academic Relations

What is your vision for this position? I want to provide opportunities for students to learn more to integrate their faith with their area of study. I also want students to feel confident and empowered to take action by creating a club or hosting an event if they are passionate about something. I would love to see students have more pride within their faculty as well. Ultimately, I want to get to know students, hear their suggestions, and bring them to the faculty.

What will you do to achieve that vision? I will help, support, and collaborate with the team of faculty reps. With restructured bylaws, reps are not obligated to use resources on a bunch of small events that have low attendance. Instead, we will have the freedom to determine the specific needs within each faculty, team up with clubs, and plan events that will be more attractive and more productive. I would love to have competitions between different faculties, as well as between students and faculty members.

Why should students vote for you? I will do my best to create a positive team culture through hard work, leading by example, and showing the reps that I truly care about them and their visions. I will be open and approachable, so that every student feels like they can bring any suggestions or concerns to me. I will also fight for the needs of the students. I would love to make MyCourses more user-friendly, implementing a combined calendar of assignments and a more effective way to track your grades throughout the semester.




optimized-dsc03348Candidate: Tricia Jeranie

Running for: VP of Academic Relations

What is your vision for this position? My vision for this role includes successfully transitioning the TWUSA representatives into their newly changed roles, I also want to promote better connections between the students and the faculty and better connections between the students and clubs. Finally I want to bring bigger and better improvements to TWUSA and the student body from my second year on council.

What will you do to achieve that vision? To achieve this vision, I will take advantage of the mentorship opportunities that I have to the TWUSA representatives by helping them actively serve the student body through support and encouragement. I also believe that if I approach our clubs and faculty to students in a purposeful and meaningful way, we can successfully establish a connection. Furthermore, I hope that the wisdom and knowledge from this year on council will give me the skills and ideas to tackle tough situations and lead in a way where I can make more improvements for years to come.

Why should students vote for you? You should vote for me because I have the skill-set and experience for this team. I was an RA last year and I am currently on TWUSA this year; as a current Rep, I know what makes a good VPAR and how to effectively reach out to the reps. You should also vote for me because I believe that it is important to have a good balance of female and male candidates; it brings different perspectives and points of view to the table. I am very passionate about what this role entails and I love serving the student body, I will not let you down!



VP of Student Relations

campaignprofileCandidate: Josh Onwugbonu

Running for: VP of Student Relations

What is your vision for this position? I want to create an unforgettable student experience by fostering joy and transformation on campus through the services and connections that TWUSA provides the student body.

What will you do to achieve that vision? I will work hand in hand with the executive team to map out ways in which we can communicate with TWU students effectively to understand and meet their needs. I will as well prioritize tailoring the services TWUSA provides to the unique composition of the 2017-2018 student community and beyond. I will work with the future Director of Communications to ensure that students are in the know about events, services, and announcements from TWUSA. With the Director of Communications I want to ensure that the use of social media and other promotional outlets are used effectively by TWUSA for the student body.

Why should students vote for you? As the Director of Communications for TWUSA this year, I have worked side by side the current VPSR and have learned the skills necessary to be successful at the job. I have a passion for the TWU community and will do my best to be a spokesperson for its necessities. TWU has been a life-giving community for me, and I want to return the favour by serving the student body with the skills and talents I have to share. Transformation happens on this campus, and to be part of your academic and spiritual journey is of upmost importance to me.




fb-pic-1Candidate: Marlayna VanHoepen

Running for: VP of Student Relations

What is your vision for this position? My vision for VPSR is for unity in the TWU community and to represent the student body’s needs whether it be for commuters and residents or advocacy for students. My vision as VPSR is to build community across all groups on campus and help students in need of advocacy. For instance, as a commuter, it has often been felt that there is a divide between the residents and commuters I would like to get rid of this gap and have unity instead.

What will you do to achieve that vision? My plan to achieve this vision is to work with the various groups on campus which will give insight into the student body’s wants and needs. By understanding the students, I will work together with other TWUSA members to fix the concerns and work toward a unified campus. I will represent the entire student body and want to bring unity in the community whether it may be amongst faculty and students, residents, commuters, and the international students. I want to create opportunities for commuters, residents, and international students to come together, feel welcome, and part of TWU altogether.

Why should students vote for you? Students should vote for me as I want to represent the entire student body. As I am a commuter, I feel that I will have a fresh new perspective allowing TWUSA better represent the student body. TWU focuses on community, and I every student to feel connected in this community.



VP of Finance

calebmarshillCandidate: Caleb Barkowsky

Running for: VP of Finance

What is your vision for this position? The performance of the VP of Finance is critical towards the overall success of TWUSA.  This person is responsible for the budgeting and management of the student fees of every undergraduate student. As VP of Finance, I want to ensure that there is clarity as to how your student fees are being spent. Next year, this fee will increase by $10 to $75 per semester. It is my goal to ensure that this additional money is managed both wisely and effectively. I want to provide support to each student in making their dreams for this campus become a reality.

What will you do to achieve that vision? Finances can be confusing. I plan to present the budget in a way that even non-business students can easily understand. I will work hard to make all this information more publicly accessible. Budgeting the additional student funds will be a challenging process that will take much time and thought. I am committed to collaborating with other members of our community in this planning process. I am ready to work alongside you to get your student proposal supported and funded. I am also prepared to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that no dollar of your student fee is wasted.

Why should students for you? I believe that I am the most qualified candidate for this position. I have grown as a leader as an RA this year, which will be essential as I take leadership in TWUSA. I have excelled in my accounting program over the past three years. The knowledge I have obtained through my studies is directly applicable to this role. My qualifications are important, but it is my strong character that really sets me apart. My colleagues respect me for my strong work ethic and responsibility. I am committed to managing TWUSA’s finances with both integrity and consistency.


braden-b-headshot-web-1Candidate: Braden Barwich

Running for: VP of Finance:

What is your vision for this position? My vision for the VP of finance position is to be a responsible steward of students’ finances, an advocator for ALL communities of TWU, and an influential executive team member contributing both unique vision and ambition. Whether in my involvement in the TWU community, experience as a young entrepreneur, or membership on the Spartan’s soccer team, I will strive to bring all my knowledge, accomplishments, and experience to the forefront of my position with TWUSA. Moving forward, I will actively represent the diverse student body of our university, and open a line of financial support to empower students in seeking positive change at TWU.

What will you do to achieve that vision? Throughout my campaign and the upcoming year, I will encourage all students to submit suggestions through my Facebook page or personal email regarding how they envision the financial direction of TWUSA. It is my priority to implement a direct line of communication that bridges the ideals of the student body with the leadership of TWUSA; every student should feel that they have an equal voice through my influence on the executive team. I take seriously the impact of my role, and intend to empower the different clubs and communities present at our university. Through connecting with TWU financial department and understanding the values of the student body, I will invest every hour necessary into improving TWU.

Why should students vote for you? A vote for Braden Barwich as VP of Finance, is a vote for YOU (as the student body) to have a direct say into the financial direction of TWUSA. I will be an active member of TWUSA seeking transparency in all the decisions that WE make. This position is not for the empowerment of my own ideals; rather, it is for the empowerment of students and their positive aspirations.