Aline Bouwman – Too Intimidating Award
alinehillThis woman is literally too intimidating to approach. At least that’s what Allan Kotanen seems to think.








Joey Schweitzer – Conservative Awardjoeyhill
Isn’t this guy a conservative? What is he even doing in this liberal mosh pit?







Sarah Wright – Two Sips Awardsarahhill
Look, we all know that Sarah is one of the most promising designers of our generation. So instead we’re going to give her this passive-aggressive award about how she never takes more than two sips of any beverage you buy her.






Ivet Alfaro – Always Early Awardivethill
It’s true: actually making an effort to be early to meetings is underrated. But half an hour? That just seems excessive. Does she live in the Mars’ Hill office?








Kelsey Tuffin – Most Likely to Say F*%$@ Awardkelseyhill
Kelsey utilizes many expletives in her day-to-day vernacular.







Christopher Townsend – Perpetual Pull-Ups Awardchrishill
This guy does pull-ups on every door frame he encounters. It’s impressive, but also kind of neurotic. We could give him the Most Likely to Be Late to Meetings Award, but that would be too easy.






Kirsten McAllister – Goose Awardkirstenhill
It was her!!! She drew the Existential Goose comic!







Connor Thiessen – Voted Twice Awardconnarhill
Apparently this guy votes twice in every Mars’ Hill poll. Not cool, Connor!








Madison Evans – Bridge Builder Award
Madison has single-handedly closed the Spartan Divide for all eternity. She is a Spartan and a Mars’ Hill section editor. That’s got to be one of the World’s Seven Wonders.







Dayna Slusar – Social Media Queen Awarddaynahill
We don’t mean that she is Instagram famous or anything, but get this: Dayna has been running all of Mars’ Hill’s media presence this year, including Mars’ Hill Online, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s a lot to keep track of.






Mariah Schuurman – Best Pokerface Awardmariahhill
Mariah has a solid poker face; you never know if she is being sincere or sarcastic.








Ryan Schaffrick – Best Office Usage Awardryanhill
Ryan is the only one who uses the Mars’ Hill office as his personal office every day. No wonder he secures so many advertisers. He’s way ahead of all of us!







Tori Nikkel – Chance Awardtorihill
Tori is by far the biggest Chance the Rapper fan in the office. We think that deserves an award. Incidentally, she is also un photographe extraordinaire.







Madison Higginbotham – Quaker Awardmadisonhill
One time Madison drew the Quaker Oats guy to represent a Quaker perspective in “Let’s Talk About Sects.” We’ll never let it go.