By Sarah Wright



Monday, January 30 – Beef Dip

A Sodexo Classic that did not disappoint. What better way to start the week than with a salty, soggy bun stuffed with shredded meat?

4/5 Spatulas: the soggy bun works. I don’t know how. It just does.



Tuesday, January 31 – Steak Sandwich with Potato Salad

I’ll admit, I had low expectations going into this week. Giving up my standard daily James sushi order, I e2017-02-06-8xpected symptoms of withdrawal. But Tuesday introduced a flavour that I never thought would grace my palate. At first glance, you would think that it was the steak sandwich that struck my fancy, but it wasn’t until my plastic fork chipped upon the potato salad that I knew what the real attraction to this dish was. The potato salad was unsuspectingly filled with bacon bits and chives. The only thing missing from this smorgasbord of flavours was a glass of cheap red wine.

All in all, this was a solid 9 potatoes out of how many potatoes were in the potato salad.


Wednesday, February 1 Make Your Own Salad 2017-02-06-6

Wednesday was a dark day. I’ll admit that I audibly groaned when I saw the bowls of wilted leaves. Confession: I caved. I gave this salad to Linda Burger (see below).

She rated it 2 burgers out of 5.


Thursday, February 2 – Fajitas

When I saw the sign that contained one of my favourite Spanish words, I felt a flutter in my heart. 2017-02-06-5But to my utter dismay, these were not the fajitas I grew up loving and mispronouncing. These sickly green burritos were imposters!

1 burrito out of six Taco Bell burritos.


Friday, February 3 – Tuna Sandwiches  

Friday was the climax—or so I had hoped. I walked into the Caf with an extra spring in my step. But I dramatically halted mid-spring. Something was wrong. Where were the throngs of people vying for one of Suzanne’s creations? Then I saw the platters. They were filled with rows on rows of steamy buns. On closer inspection, I noticed a questionable pink substance oozing from in-between the slices. That was when I smelt the fish (if you can call it such). Needless to say, I grabbed a croissant and snuck out of Caf, hoping my Editor-in-Chief would not see me there. Not today, Sodexo, not today.  2017-02-06-7

Rating: 2 processed fishes out of the amount of fishes currently swimming in the ocean.