Police were forced to resort to logic last week when a man alleged that his dog shot him while driving down a Florida highway. Apparently while 35 year old Gregory Lane Lanier was driving, his black and tan English bulldog kicked it and caused it to fire. The bullet hit Lanier in the left leg and the wound was patched up without issue. This incident adds to the claims of those who argue that certain breeds of dogs are dangerous and predisposed to violence.


 A 22-year-old man travelling through Gatwick Airport in London was detained after attempting to carry 207 pounds of dried catepillars. When security attempted to confiscate them he protested, claiming them to be for personal consumption. Funny enough, this isn’t the weirdest bonding between humans and caterpillars in recent years. Quite the larvae-cation.


 An Ohio man has found love…for a urinal. After being arrested for curs­ing at tobacco bags, Kenneth Kulas was locked in a cell until he could be charged with disorderly conduct. How­ever, when police tried to calm him down he became pissed off and began loudly proclaiming his affection for a nearby urinal. Some men have bad aim when it comes to these things. These things being peeing and true love.