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Fifth Year Occasionally Uses Sodexo Trays 

One of the most common practices of undergraduates who have just recently been added to the Trinity Western University fold is that of using a green tray to carry one’s fine Sodexo cuisine through the treacherous cafeteria. This is mainly because they have not yet learned that carrying as many food items precariously hanging onto your arms is the cool-kid thing to do around here. However, the hard-hitting journalists here at the Cherry Blossom have found an anomaly: George Vimmington, a fifth-year Chemistry student who, just to shake things up, will occasionally use a tray during his visits to the cafeteria found in the Reimer Student Center.


Hootenanny 2017: A Critical Review 

While I thought that all the performances at Hootenanny were rather lackluster, TWUSA’s theatrical production of Star Wars was truly remarkable. The first act was particularly impressive, mostly because of a surprising casting choice for the cunning, ambitious Imperial military leader Tarkin. Tarkin’s uniformed, cheek-bony (and may I say, sexy) ruthlessness was portrayed by none other than our own ever-mild and kind TWUSA president, Jenna Kastelein. I must admit that I was caught in a moment of skepticism when I first realized it was her. But it lasted only a split-second. I must confess: I was star-struck. A Jenna who doesn’t shy away from destroying an entire planet full of innocent people? I have never identified with a TWUSA member so much in my life! Evil Jenna was the one thing I didn’t realize was missing from my life. I wish Jenna was always Evil Jenna.