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Being taboo and being human 

You have children, and you love them dearly, but you regret becoming a mother. You were the cause of an accident, not by accident. You’re female, and you masturbate. You’re on antidepressants. You cry every night. You honestly think you’re beautiful. You actually hate yourself. You’re ready to cut again/vomit again/binge and purge again, or you’re doing it right now. You’re having sex for the right reasons. You’re having sex for the wrong reasons. You’re not having sex at all. You’ve thought about suicide. You’re working a minimum wage job and love going to work every day, that’s what you want to do. You suck at your job. You’re lonely. You don’t want to have kids. You are 19 and want to have kids, not in a few years, now. You went back to a bad situation, over and over. Your parents aren’t living together right now. Your parents are hanging on by a thread.


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Gaining financial purpose: Tim’s Tips 

Finances can often be kept private in our culture. Maybe because it’s embarrassing seeing the ninety-four dollars and thirty-two cents in your savings account, or— on the other extreme— you don’t want people knowing you have one hundred forty thousand dollars in your savings. Either way, money can be a source of stress for so many, especially university students.


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So, what is it you do? 

Are you vaguely interested in being on the Mars’ Hill Student Newspaper next year, but you don’t know what position would suit you? Are you interested in getting a better understanding of what the Mars’ Hill editors actually do in the two weeks leading up to the publication of a fresh issue? Read these candid interviews with our 2016-2017 editorial team to get a better idea!