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Athlete Spotlight: Senior Athlete Farewell 

Stephanie Chin, Women’s Soccer dom76anhycjrsbes
Being a Spartan has challenged me to grow in ways that I never expected, but has also been such a blessing and an amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to play in national championship games and go on mission trips with my team, which not many people have the privilege of doing.  I am so grateful for the girls on my team who have become my family and will be my lifelong friends. Overall, my experience at TWU has challenged me to grow in my faith, leadership, athletics, and academics, but has also blessed me with amazing teammates, coaches, and invaluable memories. Looking back, if I could give first year Steph any advice, it would be to get more involved with the amazing opportunities that TWU has to offer. It is comfortable for athletes to stay within the Spartan bubble, but my advice to athletes out there is to challenge yourselves to step out of your comfort zone and get involved. There are some amazing people within the TWU community. Also, don’t stress too much and enjoy your time at TWU because it goes by way too fast!



Hijab Headlines: On the integration of faith and sport 

Nike’s announcement of their new “Pro Hijab” in early March has once again sparked the conversation on the use of hijabs in sport. Although specialty boutiques have sold hijabs tailored to use in sport for several years, the Pro Hijab is the first sport hijab to be created by a sportswear giant. Crafted with Nike’s signature polyester, its launch is scheduled for early next year. The creation of this product will help to break the taboo that has surrounded Muslim women’s use of hijabs in sport. Although the use of hijabs has been a controversy long talked about, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has continued to ban the use of hijabs on the basketball court. This ban forces Muslim women to choose between their faith and their sport.



Spartans’ Season End Review 

Monday, March 21st marked the end of the 2016-2017 season for all of the Trinity Western University Spartan teams. It was a year filled with many moments of celebration, and a few moments of heartbreak; however at the end of the day one can say this with certainty: it has been a great year for the Spartans.




Athlete Spotlight: Eric Loeppky 


Mars’ Hill: How did you first get involved with volleyball?

Eric Loeppky: I got involved with volleyball because my dad coached and played. Going to beach volleyball tournaments and going with my dad to his practices was a regular routine for me ever since I could remember. I would always play with a ball on the sidelines and when I started getting a bit bigger and stronger I joined some drills. In grade five I played on my first club team as a serving sub, and the rest is history.



Thank you, athletic therapists! 

They attend every practice and game, set aside time and energy to prepare beforehand, and stay late when they’re needed. Servant-hearted and hardworking, these team players are dependable and do what they are asked without complaint. Who, you may ask, is this most valuable player of the sports world? It is, of course, the athletic therapists.