Stephanie Chin, Women’s Soccer dom76anhycjrsbes
Being a Spartan has challenged me to grow in ways that I never expected, but has also been such a blessing and an amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to play in national championship games and go on mission trips with my team, which not many people have the privilege of doing.  I am so grateful for the girls on my team who have become my family and will be my lifelong friends. Overall, my experience at TWU has challenged me to grow in my faith, leadership, athletics, and academics, but has also blessed me with amazing teammates, coaches, and invaluable memories. Looking back, if I could give first year Steph any advice, it would be to get more involved with the amazing opportunities that TWU has to offer. It is comfortable for athletes to stay within the Spartan bubble, but my advice to athletes out there is to challenge yourselves to step out of your comfort zone and get involved. There are some amazing people within the TWU community. Also, don’t stress too much and enjoy your time at TWU because it goes by way too fast!


Nicholas Ayin, Men’s Track and Fieldsaprtan_nicolas
Being a Spartan has meant the world to me. Not only was I blessed to compete for a great school, I was able to do so with an amazing team and create unforgettable memories. Being a Spartan has allowed me to establish amazing friendships with my teammates and my coaches and has taught me to be a hardworking and driven individual. At first, the only reason I wanted to come to TWU was to be on the track team—nothing else mattered. I was a young man who wanted nothing more than to come to TWU and get faster. My time at TWU has helped me realize that I am here for so much more than track and field. Being around such amazing and influential people has helped me grow a lot in my faith, which I was shying away from before coming to TWU. I have come out of my shell a lot and find it easier to establish relationships with people and to reach out a helping hand to anyone in need. The last five years have shaped me into who I am today and I will never forget everything that TWU and the Spartan program has done for me.


Sophie Carpentier, Women’s Volleyball hjscxpjqk9qxutt7
Being a Spartan means being self-reliant and disciplined. It means working hard to better myself, and to develop not only as an athlete, but also as a teammate and a leader. Being a Spartan has meant working hard to be mentally strong. We have often been down two sets, but come back to win games, and even championships. That takes hard work, talent, team spirit, and mental strength. It can be difficult to juggle studies, practice, travel, and relationships, but having my team around me is like having a second family: there was always someone to lend a hand or an ear when I missed home or needed support. I’ve made a life for myself here in B.C., but it would be empty without everyone who has supported me throughout the years. I came to here to develop as an athlete. Little did I know that I would grow even more as a Christian, a woman, and a friend. I discovered new aspects of my faith and the missions in which I participated helped me get a better understanding of the world around me. I will always be grateful for the five years I have spent at TWU. Although I will be leaving this spring, I will always be a Spartan.


Luca Schmidt, Women’s Basketball ihf0ev11z01h89p0
Coming to Trinity has allowed me to experience things that I would have never experienced going somewhere else. I had the privilege to go on a mission’s trip to Paraguay and it was there that I found my faith. I have had such an amazing experience at TWU as it has developed me into a leader and servant of God that I never thought I would have ever achieved. My team’s sayings are ‘Be Bold’ and ‘More Than Conquerors’ and to me that is what being a Spartan is. It is about pushing your teammates to grow to their full potential and having a second family. My five years of being a Spartan has been amazing and I am so grateful to say that I am leaving this school with a second family. I am proud to be a Spartan alumnus.


Ryan Sclater, Men’s Volleyball ghfwquethoh1k8j2
When I look back on my five years as a Spartan, it is clear that the Lord was leading and teaching me whether I knew it or not. When I made the decision to come to TWU, I thought I was coming to play volleyball, but I hope to leave as an ambassador of the Kingdom who happens to play volleyball. When I had to grind through practice after practice, I thought I was learning how to be a more disciplined athlete, but it turns out I was actually being discipled into a more disciplined Christian. I tried to bring together a sense of passion and purpose on the court, but now I realize that I only need to live as a passionate and purposeful follower of Jesus. When I first met my teammates, I knew that I had found a hilarious, close-knit, and unified community, but as I spent more and more time here I eventually saw that I needed to give more than my share of jokes and good vibes to the group; I ought to have laid my very life down for my friends. Winning championships is great, and winning championships with friends is even better, but serving Christ is all that matters. Five years as a Spartan volleyball player have helped me realize, finally, that to choose Christ is to choose joy. I need to throw away my identity as a volleyball player. It’s all trash without Christ.