Aline Bouwman

Managing Editor
Joey Schweitzer

Visual Editor
Sarah Wright

News Editor
Kelsey Tuffin

Academy Editor
Christopher Townsend

Arts & Culture
Kirsten McAllister

Sports Editor
Madison Evans

Humour Editor
Connor Thiessen

Chief Copy Editor
Mariah Schuurman

Layout Editor
Ivet Alfaro

Illustration Editor
Madison Higginbotham

Photo Editor
Tori Nikkel

Web Editor
Dayna Slusar

Advertising & Finance Manager
Ryan Schaffrick


  1. Bev Kaiser

    I am an alumni. Is it possible to have Mars Hill delivered to me by email … that way I would not forget and would receive each new edition as it was produced.

  2. admin

    Hey Bev, we’re actually working on finding a way to do that. We’ll keep you posted! :)

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