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National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women 

In support of National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (October 4th) Red Dresses were hung on the cherry trees in the centre of the Trinity Western University campus. 

While it may be more convenient to ignore certain aspects of Canadian society’s reality, awareness of difficult topics is crucial. That is why on October 4th the SAMC Art Department brought the issue to the attention of the TWU campus through an installation of red dresses in the middle of campus. The project was part of a much larger event by Remember Our Sisters Everywhere and other like-minded groups who hung dresses in Vancouver in order to bring awareness and a fight for change. Hashtags on social media show individuals participating by hanging dresses on front porches, university campuses, and parks throughout the country.


Working in the Opportune Moment 

The poster read Kairos in careful, flowing script. I stopped and looked at it, smiling politely at the young man attending the booth. I tried not to look too baffled, but I had no idea what Kairos was. What did the word even mean? Should I know already? Thankfully, before my desperate attempts at deduction could fail me completely, the young man introduced himself as Joel and offered an explanation.


The Editor’s New Groove 

Scott Forsyth has been selected to be next year’s Editor-in-Chief for Mars’ Hill. Forsyth will be taking the lead of Mars’ Hill with excitement and vigour. “I’ve always had a passion for the TWU campus and I’m grateful to be able to give back to it through this position,” said Forsyth.


Passing the Pillar 

With the release of the 50th Pillar this past Monday, Trinity Western University turns its eye to next year’s yearbook editor-in-chief, Kirk Anderson. Anderson was hired three weeks ago to be in charge of the production, editing, and visual layout of next year’s yearbook.


Continuing the legacy 

The Student Society of News Design has recognized Mars’ Hill for exceptional performance in newspaper design. The University of Missouri’s chapter of the SSND announced the finalists for Overall Design of a Student Newspaper on April 16 and Mars’ Hill placed 2nd overall.