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A Letter from Jonathan S. Raymond 

Dear Mars’ Hill Reader,
It is my delight to be invited to write a letter for the last issue of the year for Mars’ Hill. I write to celebrate a wonderful year for the university, a year full of outstanding events and achievements by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. You need only go to twu.ca News to read story after story and begin to appreciate the spirit that infuses the university’s fiftieth anniversary year as Canada’s most remarkable university.  No matter where you turn, you find great stories of success, innovation, and initiative.  Most of the stories are about our wonderful students.


Beleagured belief 

Unbeknownst to most students, a number of Trinity Western University undergrads and alumni have been meeting off campus to discuss issues of faith, Christian living, and authenticity. The group, known as Agnostics Anonymous, was formed three years ago by a group of students who took a Biblical studies class and were left with more questions than answers.

Arts & Culture

Summer 2012 movie preview 

Does Transformers 4: Battleship (May 18th) float your boat? Are you thirsting for the adaptation/remake of the 60’s soap Dark Shadows (May 11th), also known as Tim Burton: The Movie? The summer movie season begins in just a few short weeks and that means endless sequels (Men in Black III – May 25th), remakes (Total Recall – August 3rd), and adaptations (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter – June 22nd). Here are the biggest highlights:

Arts & Culture

Vignettes: Making Pictures 

The walls of the darkroom are packed. Shelves line the north wall, filled. Folders containing negatives and contact sheets, boxes containing prints, all of them marked by date and job description. Familiar names catch my attention: Lyle Lovett, Bill Frisell, Allen Toussaint, Tim O’Brien, and on it goes. Across the floor are boxes of CDs. The stack rises nearly to my waist, and I am pleased to discover many more familiar names. There’s an enlarger, a safe light, and a counter that is covered by a strip of checkered linoleum. This is where the magic happens, where the hare is pulled from the hat.


Liberal Arts 

I have been encouraged by the ringing dialogue since my article, Learning How to Think, was published two issues past. Both students and alumni have responded publicly and personally; apparently I am not playing a violin alone in the woods. I now intend, perhaps desperately, to cram one more word into the small void remaining in a communal consciousness already stuffed with papers and final exams. Considering our mutual mental exhaustion, I will forego flowery rhetoric to submit the point of this article in the most modest prose: if Trinity Western University is to call herself a liberal-arts university, her policy—at the very least her curricular policy—needs to be determined by those who best understand the essence of liberal arts education.


Spring Procrastination Guide 

Exams are upon us and if you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to do is anything. I mean seriously… I don’t even want to write this article. I’ve been putting it off all afternoon. There are so many other things to do, like watch an hour of NHL playoff highlights. So, in the spirit of the season, here’s a handy guide to prevent you from getting anything done over the next week.


Tale of two (pre)seasons 

In Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), Soccer has a unique set up with its preseason schedule. All of TWU’s other teams finished competition in February and March and do not play again until preseason schedules begin in late August and early September. Soccer is the only athletic program at TWU that has a regular season that begins and ends in the fall semester. As a result, while most teams wind down and prepare to take some time off before the start of summer training, both Soccer teams begin on-field competition with a spring preseason schedule. What makes the Soccer schedule unique is that the teams actually have two preseasons. The Spartans will play exhibition games again in August during the final weeks prior to the start of the Canada West regular season (you know, games that actually count). But, the Spartans actually wrapped up the first round of preseason games this past weekend.


The Editor’s New Groove 

Scott Forsyth has been selected to be next year’s Editor-in-Chief for Mars’ Hill. Forsyth will be taking the lead of Mars’ Hill with excitement and vigour. “I’ve always had a passion for the TWU campus and I’m grateful to be able to give back to it through this position,” said Forsyth.