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The art of summer reading 

Some recommendations, traditions, and best reads.

Summer is a time for reading. It’s more literally a time when the Earth’s axis is tilted so that the northern hemisphere receives more sunlight, creating longer, sunnier days. But it’s mostly a time for read­ing.


Tuition response 

The university Financial Board promises to listen.

On March 25th, Trinity Western University’s Financial Board announced that it will be endorsing the recommendations put forward by TWUSA for greater transparency and communication for tuition adjustments.


Election selection 

Minister of Transportation, Mary Polak, visits campus to talk about upcoming provincial election.

On March 25th, Mary Polak, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure for British Columbia, visited Trinity Western University to talk about the upcoming provincial election. The election, happening on May 14th, will gauge whether Polak and the BC Liberal Party will continue as the party in power, or if the New Democratic Party will take the reins of government for the first time since 2001.


Darwinism debate delves deep 

A lecture summary of “Is Evolution Evil?”

On February 28, Trinity West­ern University hosted an aca­demic debate on scientific, societal, philosophical, and theological impacts of the Theory of Evolution, entitled “Is Evolution Evil?”. Grant Havers, Chair of the Philosophy Department, was pitted against Chris Morrissey, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Redeemer Pacific College.


End of an age 

President announces resignation

On February 22, 2013, it was an­nounced that Jonathan Ray­mond would be resigning as Trinity Western University’s President after serving the University for seven years. President Raymond and the Board of Governors announced that his resignation will follow a battle with personal health issues. He will be departing his position at TWU on June 30, 2013, leaving behind an im­pressive legacy of Christ-centered ser­vice and leadership.


Love literally 

Instant messaging is not instant love.

In Greek my­thology, there was a man by the name of Tanta­lus, who for one reason or another, angered the gods so much that he was made to suffer a uniquely cruel punishment in the Underworld. He was placed in a pool of clean, clear water under a tree full or ripe, delicious fruit. Whenever he bent down to drink the water, it would instantly dry up, and whenever he reached up to grab one of the fruits, it would wither before he could touch it. His eternal punishment was to be sur­rounded by the things he desperately wanted, but could never reach.

From L to R: Mackenzie Dunn, President Fraser Parlane, Vice-President Gillian Dunn, VP of Student Relations Walter Brynjolfson, VP of Finance

Dunn and Done 

New TWUSA Council prepares for next year.

After a lengthy campaign, the new TWUSA council for 2013/2014 was announced at Hootenanny this past Friday. Mackenzie Dunn, who ran unopposed, was elected President of the new council. Supporting her will be Fraser Parlane as Executive Vice- President with Gillian Dunn as VP of Student Relations, Walter Brynjolfson as VP of Finance, and Erin Thorpe as VP of Academic Relations.


Imitation not a limitation 

The value of replication.

Today’s art world is ori­ented ever more towards the original, the spontaneous, and the new with a harsh disregard for anything that smacks of imitation. Yet Dr. Brett Foster, associate professor of Eng­lish at Wheaton College, claims that imitation was not always considered a detriment to good art. In fact, for the poets and writers of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature, imita­tion was a considered a crucial part of the creative process.